Brand-Aid: Building A Macro Case For Micro-Sites

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Brand-Aid: Building A Macro Case For Micro-Sites

d/a interactive is the new media division of Dascal & Associates,Guest Posting a cross media company providing integrated strategic marketing, graphic design and new media services. d/a interactive has worked with many multi-national companies to help them leverage their brands online. Understanding that the internet provides much more than a supportive role in a marketing strategy, d/a interactive has been working with top-tier brands in the development of micro-sites to help launch new products into the marketplace. Most recently, d/a interactive was retained by Johnson & Johnson to create a micro-site surrounding the Canadian product launch of Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage.

Johnson & Johnson is the leader in the adhesive brand category. The Band-Aid brand continuously brings innovation to the marketplace. In February 2003, Band-Aid once again revolutionized the adhesive bandage category with a liquid bandage. Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage promotes fast healing on contact by forming an invisible, flexible and one hundred percent waterproof seal that is breathable and stays on hard to cover affected areas.

• Creation of a consumer-centric micro-site
• Creation of Content Management System (CMS) technology that allows Johnson & Johnson to edit certain aspects of the site
• The longstanding Band-Aid brand has a traditional integrity. The look and feel needed to be upheld in the online environment
• Needed to provide Johnson & Johnson with statistical information about traffic and usage of the micro-site

“We were looking to use the micro-site to create excitement,” says Morris Dascal, President of d/a interactive, on their mandate from Johnson & Johnson. “Micro-sites are a relatively new way for companies to launch a product without revamping their entire website and also a great way to isolate a user and maintain their attention on one product.”

“In addition,” says Dascal, “we were using a non-traditional buzz for a new and non-traditional product. The new Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage is a more expensive product, and Johnson and Johnson was looking at integrating an online marketing campaign that included email marketing, banners and this micro-site in conjunction with offline marketing and public relations initiatives. We needed to build a site that was brand specific.”

d/a interactive set-up a distinct website and URL for Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage at
The core design component was to maintain the color, consistency, visuals and images typically associated with the Band-Aid brand.

After storyboarding the concept for this micro-site and the virtual demonstration (which would enable consumers to see how the product works from the comfort of their own home), d/a interactive designed, produced and implemented the site. All visuals, content and promotional areas were presented and approved in conjunction with Johnson & Johnson to ensure that the online promotion matched their offline strategy.

“There were three main areas that we focused on to implement and integrate this micro-site,” says Dascal. “First, we had to ensure that the front-end was visually appealing, matched the Band-Aid brand in terms of integrity and was easy to use and navigate. Second, we implemented a Content Management System (CMS) in the back-end, so the staff at Johnson & Johnson could have access to certain content areas for updating and editing purposes. Finally, we needed to focus on the calls to action and promotions that would drive this micro-site to be a successful part of the Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage launch in Canada.”

With the launch of the Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage Micro-Site, d/a Interactive:
• Created a micro-site that was robust in terms of design, functionality and usability
• Spoke directly to consumers and informed them through a virtual demonstration, promotions and online couponing
• Deployed an online marketing campaign using existing and targeted consumer portals to send emails regarding the launch (sites included Reader’s Digest and Chatelaine Magazine)
• Catered to the mass market, including everyone from parents to retailers
• Developed and deployed a thematic promotion that involved a grand prize trip for a culinary experience in Provence, France
• Executed the value of Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage as being worth the cost of the product
• Positioned of Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage as a “hot ticket”
• Deployed a viral coupon component where users could “pass on the savings” via a send-to-a-friend function to try Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage
• Created the “Ask Band-Aid” area of the micro-site as a forum to position Band-Aid as experts in care, sanitation and recovery from the cuts and bumps from daily life

“Putting the pieces together to create a viable solution for Band-Aid was based around our vision of using their product launch marketing strategy integrated with this ‘stand alone’ micro-site to build brand equity and create product visibility,” says Dascal.

“The results we anticipated after creating the site were strong micro-site traffic urging consumers to go out and purchase the product at the retail level.”

“The use of micro-sites for the launch of any brand or service is innovative,” insists Dascal. “Band-Aid managed to keep marketing dollars relatively low with the ability to reach a large crowd. We’re seeing many companies, from small to large, using the internet from the initial strategic planning phase as a core element to their integrated marketing programs. Companies that focus on strong branding understand how much technology and tools like a micro-site allows them to keep budgets pragmatic with high-end results.”

Dascal continues: “Consumers were able to educate themselves regarding the unique product benefits of Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage which led to general trials and, hopefully, repeat purchases. The micro-site also enabled Johnson & Johnson to gather consumer information through the online promotions and offer an accessible channel for Band-Aid to speak directly with their consumers.”

“The success of the Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage micro-site was, in large part, due to Johnson & Johnson’s dedication to ensuring a successful campaign,” says Dascal. “This included excellent lines of communications between d/a interactive and Johnson & Johnson, a strong working relationship with the entire team that was involved in this launch, and everyone’s enthusiasm to use contests and promotions coupled with strong and relevant content to make the micro-site have inherent value.”

“We are now in discussions with Johnson & Johnson about building a full-fledged Band-Aid product information website that will reflect their brand and entire line of products,” concludes Dascal.

“We’re also seeing a lot of other clients interested in building micro-sites for product launches and to test the waters of micros-sites prior to committing to a robust website.

The Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage micro-site proved that packaged goods companies can use the internet to establish their brand both online and offline. We’re seeing clients from all sectors of industry now looking at micro-sites to deliver precise, informative and influential information coupled with intelligent calls to action and incentives.”

Formed in 1996, d/a interactive is the new media arm of Dascal & Associates. Dascal & Associates is an integrated marketing, design and new media agency delivering solutions that drive business through effective and creative communications. With offices in Canada and the United States, the company has successfully produced off-line and online marketing strategies for companies and brands like Gillette, Johnson & Johnson, Keri Lotion, Kodiak and many others. Dascal & Associates has extensive knowledge in product launches, business-to-business communications, merchandising, point-of-purchase and promotional campaigns. Through extensive work in health and beauty care, consumer packaged goods, biomedical, personal diagnostics, industrial and the fashion and apparel industry, please contact us to see how we can help make your next marketing campaign a success.

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