First Time Ever – Top Tier Direct Sales Consultant Reveals Some Secrets

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“Just show me how to get results like yours.” Sound familiar? Heck, you may have even said those same words yourself. If you haven’t said them, you’ve probably thought them.

It is not the job of the top tier direct sales consultant to simply “show you” how he/she achieves their results. In fact, if that is all you are looking for, you have got a LONG road ahead of you. Not only that, but your top tier direct sales consultant wouldn’t be doing you or themselves any favors.

Below are some things you should look for (and actually want) from your top tier direct sales consultant.

· Road Map: The best part about a top tier direct sales consultant is that they have already been there. There is no need for you to re-create the wheel. Experience is something you cannot buy. Experience also allows you to learn from their mistakes. Mistakes in this game can cost you thousands of dollars. Not to mention all the time that has been lost by doing something wrong. Your top tier direct consultant can sit with you..evaluate your situation..go over your strengths & weaknesses..put together a plan..and show you where to look out for land mines.

All in all, experience is INVALUABLE!

· Accountability: I know it doesn’t sound like fun, but without accountability you will achieve nothing. I’m serious! You are FAR more likely to finish something when you know you are going to be held accountable. Add to that you are accountable to your top tier direct sales consultant, and you will not only finish your task, but it will be done well. Achievers and Top Earners take no excuses. The Master Yoda says, “Do or do not, there is no try.”

· Results: Your top tier direct sales consultant should be concerned with one thing…YOUR results. It doesn’t matter if you are just getting started or you have been in the game for a while. There are measurable results for you to obtain. The coolest part about results is that they are repeatable. You have been given a plan based on YOU and YOUR business. So any results you get can be done again by following the plan. As your results get better and better, your plan will be refined. This is when your business starts to be REALLY fun.

You can actually expect certain results because you KNOW what to expect based on your previous EXPERIENCE.

Here is something you can take with you right now. Always set S.M.A.R.T. goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely

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IT Consulting Management – Questions to Ask When Choosing a Security Service Provider

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Managed security service providers (MSSPs) specialize in making enterprise-class security services affordable for small to midsized companies. Instead of paying for in house security service management, companies can now receive first rate security management in a variety IT security disciplines at a much lower price, such as antivirus management, firewall management, intrusion detection and prevention, system configuration and management and virtual private networks. While almost all companies need security management services, the degree to which they benefit from implementing IT services depends on the benefits they hope to achieve. For example, companies that use MSSPs in order to reduce staff size typically benefit from employing a range of managed services, while companies that are interested in achieving best-of-class expertise in a particular area benefit by making their service needs more isolated. Regardless of what determines your company’s need for IT consulting management, you have to remember one thing: the degree to which your company will benefit from IT consulting management depends largely on the quality of an IT services provider. With this in mind, there are three questions that you should ask of IT consulting firms before you trust them with your company’s security needs.

How many Clients does a Firm have and what are its Financials?

While a large number of clients doesn’t necessarily indicate that a firm offers unbeatable quality, it does show that the firm has done well enough with its previous clients to quickly generate new business interest. To get a better perception of an MSSP’s quality of service, it’s a good idea to ask for references that pertain to clients that were once in your position (i.e. company type and security needs). In addition to asking for particular references, it’s also a good idea to ask for a copy of an MSSP’s financials. The last thing that you want is a company that folds before it can fully deliver on its services.

What are a Firm’s Procedures in the Event of a Security Incident?

Although the point of hiring an MSSP is to ensure that security incidents do not happen, most companies eventually experience a security incident, whether from within the company or from without. An experienced MSSP will be able to tell you exactly how it deals with specific security incidents, as well as provide you with anonymous case studies to back up their claims. If you encounter a firm that claims to never experience security incidents, don’t take it as a positive sign. Either the company lacks experience or provides services that don’t work as acutely as they should.

How Do a Firm’s Given References Compare to its Non-Preferred References?

Judging a company’s quality of service by its preferred references is like judging man’s character based on the opinion of his mother. Every company has a group of references that will rant and rave about its services. But in order to get a realistic idea of how well a MSSP satisfies its customers, you need to talk to some of its non-preferred references. If you find that these references offer a vastly different opinion of a company’s performance than do its listed references, you should consider the fact that you may end up becoming a non-preferred reference as well.

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Sales Training Consulting Vs Too Much Data

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Sales consultants constantly are selling themselves on their own product or service. Each delivered presentation can have the effect of reinforcing their earlier mental purchase when they originally accepted their job offer. It seems logical then, that if prospects had the same data you have had, they will buy.

Newer sales training consulting takes a slightly different view however, as it has been discovered, over the years, that too much data leads to confusion, and you get prospect hesitation and procrastination. All of us have experienced this.

This prospect characteristic of not being able to decide seems to have gone viral within many sales teams and their prospect base. Week after week, or month after month the hesitating prospects stays “on-the-board”, but seems to never close. This is frustrating for sales consultants, sales managers and the vice president of sales, not to mention owners.

The subject of giving too much data to a prospect has been addressed by many others. What is not being addressed enough, is the concept of what is the right data to give a prospect? The answer is elementary. Only discuss the data that is important to the prospect, and no more.

Gee, that’s just great, how will you know? Ask them! Remember, one has to diagnose first! What the prospect thinks they want may not be the best solution, but prospects always buy what they want, so do you – all of us do. This is why in our company, we always go by the company motto that you “sell them what they want, but deliver what they want and need”. That is a good solution for those of us in the sales training field. It may, however, not be a good solution if you are selling a product. Solutions that the prospect perceives as specific to their perceived needs earns easier decisions and fewer objections, if it is feasible.

Your job description as a “consultant” requires that you give advice. After all, a consultant is an expert who gives advice. The only way you can do this is by fully researching your prospect’s industry, their company and by talking with them to discover where problematic areas are. The use of a very specific Targeted Needs Analysis is working for many. The Targeted Needs Analysis must be salient and brief to be effective. A buyer’s time is valuable and should always be respected.

To garner the data needed for a Targeted Needs Analysis, ask some current clients and find out why they purchased your product or service. Current clients are a rich and fertile field to do research on to find out your company’s good, bad and ugly points. Correct, as quickly as is possible, the bad and ugly points and take the good points and convert that data to a question format for your Targeted Needs Analysis.

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Consultant – Internet Marketing Strategy – 2 Critical Requirements

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Like a good doctor, good consultants show common characteristics. If you keep the following in mind, you can rest assured that you are dealing with someone who knows what they are doing. If a company has the following traits, they have worked their way to the top in a very competitive business. You don’t accomplish that by accident.

Requirement 1. Since you are looking for someone who knows how to maximize your web site, they better know how to maximize their own. Therefor, the first requirement is that their business comes up on the first page of the search engines results page for a search on internet marketing experts. Not only do you want someone who is in the top 10, you want someone who’s site page has lots of ‘weight’ to it. Check out the page rank of the “experts” as they come up (This page rank has nothing to do with where they are in the top 10). If your browser doesn’t have a little window to display page rank, you can download a free toolbar from

Requirement 2: Any company you want to pay to consult with better be willing to give at least equal value to what you pay them. A good indicator of their willingness to over deliver is to look the site over for free downloads of reports, courses, articles or other related information that would be valuable to you. The company that gives out a lot up front will be much more likely to give you more for your money.

The top sites can be found by doing a search exactly as follows with the quotes: “consultant internet marketing strategy”.

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Training Services Offered by Safety Consultants

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Training is one of the various services provided by safety consultants. There are numerous types of training courses that all members of an organization must attend to become certified in training regulations. The following are some of these courses and why they are beneficial in safety.

On-site Safety Training

In these types of courses, the safety consultants visit the organization and give lessons on safety in the workplace. The trainers pose challenging questions and case studies to the employees concerning their own organization. Such classes are always enlightening and give the trainees more awareness of their safety needs.

Required Regulatory Compliance Training

This training course is compulsory for all to attend because it ensures that all employees know the company’s safety policy as required. Trainees should know what to do in case of danger in the workplace.

Safety for the Human Resource Manager

Since health safety falls mainly under the Human Resource department in all organizations, health safety consultants have specialized training courses for Human Resource Managers. In these courses, the HR person is informed about creating a comprehensive safety policy for the organization, and how to prevent and handle workplace safety crises.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Training

All employees are required to be well informed about the impact of drugs and alcohol abuse in the workplace environment. This is because drugs and alcohol affect interpersonal relationships at work, and even more importantly, they affect employees’ performance. If the company is part of manufacturing or transport industry, a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) will be in charge of conducting such training.

Risk Assessment Principles and Practice

This course is conducted by health safety consultants to educate employees about potential risks in their work environment and how to handle them. It provides crucial skills in how to identify hazardous situations in their workplace, which helps in prevention and contingency planning.

These are some of the training services that come with hiring safety consultants, and they all help in making the workplace more conducive for better performance.

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Spread Your Brand Name For Business Promotion Using Promotional Bags

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Every other startup is working hard to promote its services these days. They leave no opportunity to market and promote their brand everywhere. These new-age startups are using new strategies like T-shirts with the brand’s logo,Guest Posting promotional bags, and many more. These customized articles bring life to your brand. This is a very creative way to promote your business and attract your target audience. If you get Reusable shopping bags printed and provide it to your customers, they use it again and again and in this way, it comes out to be a great promotion for your brand. If people will see your company’s name on the bag, again and again, it will be there in the mind of people and this will be great exposure for your brand.

Such bags are used by the regular households to carry stuff like grocery; they take it to market and gym as well. This is a very affordable way to promote your brand and also very effective.

How does Promotional Bags help?

If you get your brand’s customize bag designed from the promotional bags manufacturer, make sure you choose the design and dimensions according to the need of the customer. These promotional bags are carried by the customers to different places and even outstation sometimes. When people around them read your brand’s name on the bag, they will start recognizing your name, and this is what a brand needs, Recognition. People also use attractive colors and get the bags exclusively designed by the customized bags manufacturers to get the best output.

Why Bags are important?

Customers usually do not carry bags while they go out shopping. Hence, they always ask you for a bag, at this point if you will give them a promotional bag with your brand’s name on it, they will anyways carry it everywhere.

These bags by custom bag manufacturers are the cheapest way to promote your brand and spread your name.

Recognition as mentioned above is very important for every other brand. These bags not just promote you but make your brand familiar with your target audience.

You anyways have to provide bags when a customer shops with you. Here, providing a bag with your logo is almost free advertising for your brand. People who will carry your bag will definitely show off among the crowd and ultimately promote you.

It is also believed that the businesses which use promotional bags are well established and stable in the market. Hence, it also enhances your reliability. When you get a bag customized for your brand, this proves that your brand is trustworthy.

There are different businesses that use these customized bags. Even the food business requires this branding, hence there are many food delivery bags manufacturers in the market who customizes special bags for your food delivery.

Other kinds of bags that are high on demand are produced by corporate bags manufacturers. They manufacture official promotional bags like laptop bags, office bags, courier bags, promotional laptop bags, courier delivery bags, and many more.

Not just the businesses, even the educational institutes are marketing themselves with this idea. Customized bags are also produced by school bags manufacturers with the name of the school on it and the children are asked to bring the same bag to the school every day. This is a great way of promoting business in a different manner.

It is a fact that these cheap and innovative ideas of promotions are really providing amazing results when it comes to marketing campaigns. Such customized articles are a must for every brand and people are using every idea possible to make it even more creative and different from others.

Meet a reliable manufacturer to spread your brand’s name

Nowadays, many options are available when you are looking for Bag manufacturing company in Jaipur. When it is all about promoting your brand’s name to take it every nook of the country, counting on Bag Manufacturer in Jaipur seems necessary. After all, choosing the best-printed courier bags manufacturer is the first step you need to take toward the success of your business.

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Brand-Aid: Building A Macro Case For Micro-Sites

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Dascal & … … Building A Macro Case For … … is the new media division of Dascal & … a cross media company … … strateg

Dascal & Associates
Case Study
Brand-Aid: Building A Macro Case For Micro-Sites

d/a interactive is the new media division of Dascal & Associates,Guest Posting a cross media company providing integrated strategic marketing, graphic design and new media services. d/a interactive has worked with many multi-national companies to help them leverage their brands online. Understanding that the internet provides much more than a supportive role in a marketing strategy, d/a interactive has been working with top-tier brands in the development of micro-sites to help launch new products into the marketplace. Most recently, d/a interactive was retained by Johnson & Johnson to create a micro-site surrounding the Canadian product launch of Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage.

Johnson & Johnson is the leader in the adhesive brand category. The Band-Aid brand continuously brings innovation to the marketplace. In February 2003, Band-Aid once again revolutionized the adhesive bandage category with a liquid bandage. Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage promotes fast healing on contact by forming an invisible, flexible and one hundred percent waterproof seal that is breathable and stays on hard to cover affected areas.

• Creation of a consumer-centric micro-site
• Creation of Content Management System (CMS) technology that allows Johnson & Johnson to edit certain aspects of the site
• The longstanding Band-Aid brand has a traditional integrity. The look and feel needed to be upheld in the online environment
• Needed to provide Johnson & Johnson with statistical information about traffic and usage of the micro-site

“We were looking to use the micro-site to create excitement,” says Morris Dascal, President of d/a interactive, on their mandate from Johnson & Johnson. “Micro-sites are a relatively new way for companies to launch a product without revamping their entire website and also a great way to isolate a user and maintain their attention on one product.”

“In addition,” says Dascal, “we were using a non-traditional buzz for a new and non-traditional product. The new Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage is a more expensive product, and Johnson and Johnson was looking at integrating an online marketing campaign that included email marketing, banners and this micro-site in conjunction with offline marketing and public relations initiatives. We needed to build a site that was brand specific.”

d/a interactive set-up a distinct website and URL for Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage at
The core design component was to maintain the color, consistency, visuals and images typically associated with the Band-Aid brand.

After storyboarding the concept for this micro-site and the virtual demonstration (which would enable consumers to see how the product works from the comfort of their own home), d/a interactive designed, produced and implemented the site. All visuals, content and promotional areas were presented and approved in conjunction with Johnson & Johnson to ensure that the online promotion matched their offline strategy.

“There were three main areas that we focused on to implement and integrate this micro-site,” says Dascal. “First, we had to ensure that the front-end was visually appealing, matched the Band-Aid brand in terms of integrity and was easy to use and navigate. Second, we implemented a Content Management System (CMS) in the back-end, so the staff at Johnson & Johnson could have access to certain content areas for updating and editing purposes. Finally, we needed to focus on the calls to action and promotions that would drive this micro-site to be a successful part of the Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage launch in Canada.”

With the launch of the Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage Micro-Site, d/a Interactive:
• Created a micro-site that was robust in terms of design, functionality and usability
• Spoke directly to consumers and informed them through a virtual demonstration, promotions and online couponing
• Deployed an online marketing campaign using existing and targeted consumer portals to send emails regarding the launch (sites included Reader’s Digest and Chatelaine Magazine)
• Catered to the mass market, including everyone from parents to retailers
• Developed and deployed a thematic promotion that involved a grand prize trip for a culinary experience in Provence, France
• Executed the value of Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage as being worth the cost of the product
• Positioned of Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage as a “hot ticket”
• Deployed a viral coupon component where users could “pass on the savings” via a send-to-a-friend function to try Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage
• Created the “Ask Band-Aid” area of the micro-site as a forum to position Band-Aid as experts in care, sanitation and recovery from the cuts and bumps from daily life

“Putting the pieces together to create a viable solution for Band-Aid was based around our vision of using their product launch marketing strategy integrated with this ‘stand alone’ micro-site to build brand equity and create product visibility,” says Dascal.

“The results we anticipated after creating the site were strong micro-site traffic urging consumers to go out and purchase the product at the retail level.”

“The use of micro-sites for the launch of any brand or service is innovative,” insists Dascal. “Band-Aid managed to keep marketing dollars relatively low with the ability to reach a large crowd. We’re seeing many companies, from small to large, using the internet from the initial strategic planning phase as a core element to their integrated marketing programs. Companies that focus on strong branding understand how much technology and tools like a micro-site allows them to keep budgets pragmatic with high-end results.”

Dascal continues: “Consumers were able to educate themselves regarding the unique product benefits of Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage which led to general trials and, hopefully, repeat purchases. The micro-site also enabled Johnson & Johnson to gather consumer information through the online promotions and offer an accessible channel for Band-Aid to speak directly with their consumers.”

“The success of the Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage micro-site was, in large part, due to Johnson & Johnson’s dedication to ensuring a successful campaign,” says Dascal. “This included excellent lines of communications between d/a interactive and Johnson & Johnson, a strong working relationship with the entire team that was involved in this launch, and everyone’s enthusiasm to use contests and promotions coupled with strong and relevant content to make the micro-site have inherent value.”

“We are now in discussions with Johnson & Johnson about building a full-fledged Band-Aid product information website that will reflect their brand and entire line of products,” concludes Dascal.

“We’re also seeing a lot of other clients interested in building micro-sites for product launches and to test the waters of micros-sites prior to committing to a robust website.

The Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage micro-site proved that packaged goods companies can use the internet to establish their brand both online and offline. We’re seeing clients from all sectors of industry now looking at micro-sites to deliver precise, informative and influential information coupled with intelligent calls to action and incentives.”

Formed in 1996, d/a interactive is the new media arm of Dascal & Associates. Dascal & Associates is an integrated marketing, design and new media agency delivering solutions that drive business through effective and creative communications. With offices in Canada and the United States, the company has successfully produced off-line and online marketing strategies for companies and brands like Gillette, Johnson & Johnson, Keri Lotion, Kodiak and many others. Dascal & Associates has extensive knowledge in product launches, business-to-business communications, merchandising, point-of-purchase and promotional campaigns. Through extensive work in health and beauty care, consumer packaged goods, biomedical, personal diagnostics, industrial and the fashion and apparel industry, please contact us to see how we can help make your next marketing campaign a success.

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Budget Branding Strategy – A Beginner’s Guide

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You would need branding as it is the most important aspect which you can use to gain profit.

It does not matter what type of business you are into.You must know that brand promotion is more than just social media updates. Startups usually don’t think past Facebook pages and Twitter handle. However,Guest Posting branding is more than that. With an effective strategy you can get a major push in this cutthroat market.

Branding Decoded

Before discussing effective branding strategy, it is important to talk about what branding is. An experienced brand marketing company can give you the desired result. However, you need to know what branding is and what it can do for you. If you go through text books, you will come across various types of definition of branding. However, if you want to get a simple definition, it would be – your brand tells your story. Once you have launched your brand, the customers will know what they can expect from your company or from you. This is a promise that you make.

To Launch a Brand

This is something everyone should know about. To launch a brand you need various tools. These tools give you the brand identity. Your website is the most important part of your brand. Without a website you cannot launch a brand. Another important tool is the logo. This is the face which your clients will remember. To create these tools you need a web design company that has been in the business for a long time.

Strategy to Remember

Once you have the logo, the website and the desire to start over, you need to have a team of experts by your side. If you want to create a successful brand, you must hire people who know the pros and cons of branding. Commitment is an important factor. Anyone who wants to get something out of the branding strategy needs to commit. Creating a Facebook page is easy. But, sticking to it is the difficult job. What you need to do is find people who are into branding and promotion. They will do the job for you.

Successful Branding

It is nothing but promoting yourself. What you are, what you can do and what is your strength are the important factors here. However, before you begin with the promotion, you need to decide something. You must decide to be consistent. Without consistency you will not be able to keep your clients. Once you have built your brand value, you are expected to deliver what you have promised. For this reason, you need to have your strength and weakness well defined. Your brand value should suit your customer requirement. Before anything you need to know what your clients want from you. What are their desires? Why they make purchase? These are the questions you need to ask.

The Defining Factor

To have a successful brand you need to define it properly. Before anything you must let your customers know what the mission of the company is. You also need to define what the vision of the brand is. Features of the brand are also important. You need to let your clients know what they would get from using your brand. Benefits are important. Remember that it is benefit which attracts people to a brand. If you don’t have anything to offer people would not buy it.

Some Important Pointers

First you need to hire a brand marketing company to create a well defined logo. Once this is done you would need a blog. This blog will help you create a voice for your brand. Remember that it is the voice which attracts people to a brand. They don’t bond with the polished advertisements. They bond with the stories that a brand offers. At the time of the launch create this story. It will give people a reason to bond with you.

Logo, templates and taglines are the tools. These help you to build your brand. However, to make people come back to you for more, you need to offer them much more. You must offer them an assurance. You must assure them that you will offer quality and being attached to you will be beneficial to them. Without assistance of a branding company, you will not be able to accomplish the real objective of a brand launch.

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Watchfinder – Online Shop

The watches industry it’s becoming more and more a multi-billion dollar business with a few watch-makers creating some of the biggest and most luxurious brands out. If you are a watch fan,Guest Posting you have many options to choose the best for you. There are also some luxury watch brands that cost much more than purchasing a Ferrari or a beach house.

It is a brand created by two close friends in 1875. Audemars Piguet was considered a leader throughout the world for many years. This brand has set the standards for many luxury markets such as Tiffany & Co and Bulgari.

It is one of the oldest luxury watch brands on the market. Vacheron Constantin is famed for stability and its unprecedented designs. These watches are designed with deep observation and a unique style. Since it’s stood the test of time, it has a lot of famous names that wore this brand.

Breitling watches are known for precision and durability. This luxury brand has been on the market since 1884. The big inspiration for these watches comes from aviation. Breitling watches include several features fighter pilots use. It is one of the most popular brands that offer specific models for divers.

This luxury brand comes from France and was founded in 1992 by Bruno Belamich and Carlos A. Rosillo. It is not older as some of the other luxury brands listed here but it is very special for the square frame shaping that it has.

When we talk about luxury brands, the first brand we may think of is Rolex. This means that it is the most famous brand in the luxury market. Rolex’s headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland, but was originally created in London. It is a highly-coveted watch worn by celebrities and the wealthy alike.

It is the second famous luxury Swiss watch brand. Omega has very influenced the contemporary market. It is used by Britain’s Royal Flying Corps and US Army.

Many watch brands are inspired by aviation in their design and function, and the Bremont didn’t make the difference. Bremont brand is created by Nick and Giles English. It is a brand inspired by aviation and has been part of the market since 2002.

This brand comes from Japan and has been part of the market since 1881. The tagline of Seiko watches is: “always one step ahead of the rest.”

The specifics of this luxury brand are that they produce every watch solely in-house and have unique designs with various quartz cuts and clean lines.

This Swiss watch brand offers both sports watches and chronographs. It is a watch brand that has combined creativity not only for watches but also for eyewear, accessories, and mobile phones too.

It is an independent luxury watch brand located in Switzerland. This brand lives through its innovative technology and exotic elements.

They are considered as one of the most unique luxury brands. This is because their watches are crafted by hand and are functional along with stylish.

John Arnold, one of the most famous British watchmakers, created the legendary watch named Arnold & Son. He also created the first official chronometer. But his watches are much more famous and are known for innovation and precision.

It is considered one of the most iconic names in watches globally. This luxury brand gets a lot of publicity in the mainstream because several celebrities love this brand. It was created in 1847 in Paris and these types of watches have a classic and distinguished look.

It is another luxury brand from the Swiss. Jaeger-LeCoultre uses unique faces and intricate details. This brand creates watches that are classic with unique clarity and innovation.

Chopard has been part of the market since 1860 and produces unique and classic Swiss watches and jewelry. Louis-Ulysse Chopard created this brand for everyone who likes sophisticated models making this a coveted luxury brand worldwide.

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Twitter hashtag Analytics : How to analyze and use analytics to improve Twitter Marketing?

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So, you finally started promoting your brand on Twitter. You set up your Twitter profile, respond to customer queries and issues, post news and updates consistently. You even engage with influencers and your most dedicated followers. Well, that really great! But what do you do beyond that? How do you measure success or the impact of your Twitter marketing strategies?

If you are promoting your brand on any social media platform,Guest Posting you should monitor performance metrics. How else do you plan to figure out what going on or what measures to take to increase your brand’s social media presence?

While monitoring your Twitter profile’s performance metrics may sound complex and difficult, it’s actually not.

The introduction of Twitter hashtag analytics has made it much easier to track and analyze your performance with ease. You can also monitor the social media metrics of your competitors with the help of third-party Twitter hashtag analytics tools.

Which metrics in Twitter hashtag analytics are important to Track?

Let’s discuss some of the most important Twitter hashtag analytics that every brand, marketer, and influencer should be tracking.

1. Volume of Conversations

The volume of conversation social media metrics analyzes the size of the conversation related to your brand. It means it counts the number of tweets that are related to your brand or mention your brand. It is an important indicator that evaluates the interests of users in your brand. It takes into account all kinds of engagement (positive, neutral, negative) to identify the total volume of the conversation.

It is also an important indicator that can help you analyze the impact of your Twitter marketing strategy. An effective social media strategy results in a greater volume of conversations. Similarly, a poor Twitter marketing strategy results in a much lower volume of conversations for your brand.

2. Reach

Reach is an important metric as it helps in analyzing the potential audience size for your brand. Instead of the volume of a conversation reach measures the spread of a conversation on social media.

Reach can help you understand how far your tweets are broadcasting and how big the audience size is that is receiving your promotional message. You can also compare the engagement (likes, retweets, replies, clicks) with overall reach to identify the actual users that are interested in your products and services. To simplify reach, it’s the total number of eyes your tweets are exposed to.

If your brand reach is not increasing, you must go back to the drawing board and rethink your Twitter marketing approach.

3. Engagement

Due to a surge in the number of fake accounts on social media platforms, brands and marketers replaced follower count with engagement as the most important metric. It helped them analyze and identify genuine users that are actually interested in what your brand has to offer.

Engagement can come in several forms including (likes, retweets, replies, shares, clicks, etc). Engagement can help you analyze the effectiveness and measure the impact of your Twitter content strategy. If your engagement is still low even after you have great reach, you aren’t posting engaging content. You need to reevaluate your Twitter content strategy.

You can also use engagement to identify resonating content topics that users like to engage with. Simply go through your past tweets and identify the tweets with the most engagement. Analyze those tweets to identify engaging topics of discussion that your follower base is interested in and is more likely to engage with.

4. Social Media Influence

Social media influence analyzes what social media users are talking about your brand and how it impacts your brand. Remember, social media influence does not relate to the number of followers, but rather how many of your followers can be influenced to take an action. It is an important hashtag analytics that can also help you find the right brand advocate to promote your brand on Twitter or any other social media platform.

Measure the influence of a social media influencer can help you evaluate the Twitter profiles of all influencer marketing options. Collaborating with the right influencer can help you increase social media influence and awareness for your brand along with conversion rates.

5. Share of Voice

The share of voice is a metric that can help you analyze the size and number of conversations about your brand from the total conversation related to your industry. The share of voice compares the conversations related to your brand with the conversation related to your competitors.

Identify what percentage of conversations in the industry are related to your brand. You can also use this metric to analyze their share of voice and identify effective strategies that can help you increase social media conversation related to your brand.

How to access Twitter hashtag analytics?

Fortunately, Twitter provides you the option to track, monitor, and analyze the social media metrics of your Twitter profile.

Native Twitter analytics is an excellent resource that provides a ton of analytical insights. It has been gathering your Twitter data since the creation of your Twitter profile. Although, Twitter recently removed audience insights from Twitter analytics.

Also, brands and marketers often need the performance metrics of someone else’s Twitter profile. Twitter analytics cannot help you track the social metrics of any other profile. This is where third-party Twitter hashtag analytics tools come into play. They can help you track, monitor, and analyze the KPIs of any public Twitter account.

What are the best free Twitter hashtag analytics tools?

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Track Social Media Metrics with TrackMyHashtag

Trackmyhashtag is an AI-driven Twitter hashtag tracking and analytics tool. It can help you track, monitor, and analyze the performance metrics of any public Twitter profile. You can track tweets related to any hashtag, keyword, or @mention in real-time. You can also track the social media activities of your competitors or social media influencers related to your industry.

Key features of TrackMyHashtag,

Track any hashtag, keyword, or @mention
Track any Twitter hashtag campaign in real-time
Identify influencers related to your brand
Perform competitive analysis
Get historical Twitter data
The monthly premium plan starts at $49 a month.
Closing Thoughts

Marketing on social media is an ongoing process. You need to consistently track, monitor, and analyze Twitter hashtag analytics in real-time to extract vital insights that can help you increase your brand’s social media presence. TrackMyHashtag is the perfect tool that can help you monitor Twitter hashtag analytics in real-time and provide game-changing insights to grow your brand.

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