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STAR TREK was light-years ahead of the culture with its emphasis on futuristic technology that enabled man to travel to countless galaxies and interact with other forms of intelligent life. One of the most popular cultures or intelligent lifeforms featured in all the Star Trek series was the Cybernetic Organisms known as the BORG., yes, “Resistance is FUTILE”.

Yes, an integration of Man or any biological organism with advanced artificial technology (acquired information from other cultures to achieve absolute perfection) to form a collective of Cybernetic entities. Now, the essence of the Borg Collective remains the Collective Intelligence of all members linked together through a Central Nexus (Borg Queen) and dedicated towards working to achieve an objective with members sharing information as a single organism in what we call the Hive Mind. What a powerful and potentially PROFITABLE entity.

Well, guess what the Borg HiveMind is REAL and being duplicated by those who recognise the importance of Social Networks and the collective POWER created by its members who are dedicated towards achieving specific objective. In essence, the collective strength and thought process of each member forms what is increasingly knows as a Social Neural Network…………make sense, I hope.

A Neural Network can be easily observed in a Bee Colony as indicated by the following: “Honey bees are social insects, which means that they live together in large, well-organized family groups. A honey bee colony typically consists of three kinds of adult bees: workers, drones, and a queen. Several thousand worker bees cooperate in nest building, food collection, and brood rearing. Each member has a definite task to perform, related to its adult age. But surviving and reproducing take the combined efforts of the entire colony. Individual bees (workers, drones, and queens) cannot survive without the support of the colony”.

I think you get the picture; therefore, you created a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who agreed to join and receive information that has VALUE and more importantly, solves a problem for them. Additionally, those members are asked to contribute by providing information or some function that addresses an issue of importance to the group. Do, you see how the “collective effort focused on an issue creates the Social Neural Network?”.

So, as a home-business marketer you recognise that Leads and Traffic are the lifeblood of your enterprise. Because, without them you’re operating a Non-Profit Agency and destined for the MLM Cemetery for Dead Dealers. Yeah, 80% of marketers who went SOLO met the aforementioned fate because they didn’t listen.

Like anything in life when change occurs you must adapt or perish if, you expect to evolve into the future. Business is expert at adapting to new circumstances and Markethive is no different. Markethive is an example of an Inbound Marketing system that has advanced in it’s development of generating Cognitive Leads that give you an unfair advantage. If, you are an entrepreneur who wants to learn the importance of Social Neural Networks and the role they play in bringing VALUE to your target market then, I invite you to review our information and learn why accessing the apex of social neural networks for entrepreneurs begins here.

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